Animals in Crisis, Inc.

Animals in Crisis, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization dedicated to the health and the welfare of companion animals. With a main focus on felines, our goal is to promote long-term solutions to the problems of abuse, abandonment, and overpopulation.

Support Animals in Crisis, Inc.

Please click on the Donate button above. Animals in Crisis, Inc. relies solely on donations from people like you who are also concerned about the animals. All donations are completely tax-deductible. 

We have kittens for adoption every Saturday from 10 - 4 at PetValu at 2550 Grant Ave. (Grant and Roosevelt Blvd) Philadelphia, PA 19114. Please stop by and visit these beautiful babies!

Please take a look at some of the cats at our sanctuary - see how happy and healthy they are! In addition to having all kinds of toys and beds and climbing trees inside, they also have access to an enclosed area outside, complete with a little kitty pool!


Where Does The Money Go?

We are still doing the work the PSPCA should be doing, which is spaying/neutering everything we can get our hands on, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, and trying to rehome an amazing number of cats. The number of cats being thrown out far exceeds the number of homes we can find, so we are forced to keep many of them and make them as happy and healthy as possible. Due to this large number of cats, we need to expand our facility. We have two full-sizes basements that are completely cleaned out and ready for renovation.

In addition to needing money to support our day-to-day operations, we do not have enough for the desperately needed expansion, as well as some much needed repairs to our facility.

Our plans for the basements are modest but would make all the difference in the world to these cats. We are working with a gentleman who makes custom cat furniture for us at cost. He has designed 2 huge jungle gyms to sit in the center of these basements, with arms extending to the walls to be joined to cat walks around the perimeter.

We also need to install more substantial fencing in order to allow the cats to enjoy the outdoors in a protected environment.

Can you help us make the cats lives better? Thank you in advance for your kindness towards the cats!


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